Fealty is a real-time strategy-rpg set in a world inspired by the early middle ages. You take control of a noble family and it is your task to expand your domains, manage your settlements, and muster your forces. The characters in the world are your intermediaries - they can carry out your will, and just as importantly, report on what is happening in the realm - but they are imperfect.

You must lead your family in a brutal world where problems are often solved through violence. But that is not the only way...

Putting everyone to the sword can be effective but so can soft words whispered in the right ear. The right relationships are critical for surviving and coexisting. And do not underestimate the power of coin. A city of thriving trade doesn't need its people to fight when it can pay for whatever mercenaries it needs.

Plan your strategy for neutralizing your enemies.

Choose how you develop your family members to fulfill your strategy.

Lead your family.

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Fealty is early in development with the current focus being the core real-time simulation and strategic elements.

0.5.0 - Update 1

Today a humble but important update :) The focus here was fixing stuffs [sic] and adjusting the game flow so you can actually progress.


Release 0.5.0

0.5.0 is here - stable builds are rolling out

If you have been following along you know the game has been growing but the last two weeks have seen some real form start to emerge. Frankly, this release ended up being too big and I am not going to cover everything that has changed since 0.4.0 (aka 0.1.4) in November.

If you havent played the game since December, you should definitely check it out and…


Read more... is now 0.5.0, and is ready for testing!

The release candidate for 0.5.0 is now available

I might add in one or two more tutorials, but otherwise the release is feature complete.


Serfs, Yeomen and Tradesmen - Oh My!

This post is about a week late and I am putting the last bits of 0.1.5 together. Besides the impact of the holidays on things, the past two weeks have been tough and slow in progress. The game stuck in a weird place because I had started to make big changes to the settlement part of the game but the feature ended up about half of what I wanted. I saw three options before me:

  • (1) Shoehorn what I could of the remaining half of the work as quickly as possible, knowing I would be redoing it again for 0.1.6
  • (2) Delay 0.1.5 until next-year and do the remaining work properly
  • (3) Leave the scope of 0.1.5 as-is and release before New Year

I really don’t want to delay 0.1.5 because want to leave 0.1.x behind and do a big 0.2.0 release (targeting May) that would be revisions of existing plus multiplayer and meta progression with a fresh coat of paint.


Tech Debt Tuesday - Game Strings Redux - Part 2

Welcome back to Tech Debt Tuesday. Last week I shared with you the major pitfalls with how the Fealty code handled game strings, and some pain points you migh encounter if you are doing something similar. The two biggest problems I was facing was that (1) bad data could crash the game and (2) there was a lot of code duplication. Today I want to share with you how I modified the code to address those problems and make editing strings possible from within the game.