Welcome to the Fealty website!

My goal for this new year is to start to share the story of the development of Fealty and to bring more people into the testing and design. This site will be the main portal through which I plan to share stories about how the idea for Fealty came to be, and matured, and show how the game is progressing. It has been an exciting and humbling ride, even at this early stage of developing the game, and now the time has finally come to reveal it to the world. We are very happy to have you with us! Today I want to describe my vision for the game and talk about what we are planning for the next few months. My intention is to post here in between our development milestones, with the idea of sharing our progress with you early and often. The concept behind Fealty is unique and challenging from a design perspective, and a big part of the decision to start sharing the development of the game was to make it possible for people to see the game and give us feedback.

The core of Fealty is the management of your fief, and the characters that inhabit it. Similar to other city-building games, you will allocate jobs, gather and refine resources, and recruit and interact with a wide variety of characters with their owns Skills and Traits. Skills determine how a character can contribute to your fief, and Traits impact their behavior and ambitions. The sort of interesting choices we want players to face come from how Skills and Traits interact. It is exciting when a new Blacksmith approaches you to ask to join your fief. However, you might have to reconsider if they are not trustworthy, or are likely to cause trouble for the other inhabitants of your fief.

The past year of development has been focused on the core simulation. The goal of our design is to provide a data-driven and extensible engine that can provide emergent gameplay from the discreet simulation of character actions, needs, and motivations. Our efforts were validated early in December 2018, when, with a great part of the simulation in place, we were able to quickly add content to the game (including new jobs, crafting recipes, and resource chains).

At this point the game has some of our own art, but much of it is still open-sourced stuff and developer art. The UI is also functional, but not pretty (enough for me!). Our focus for the next couple of months is to replace all the art we can, improve the UI to better surface the stuff going on in the sim, and then … share our first demo with you!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about our game - we will share more news and content updates as they happen, so stay tuned!

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