About Alpha Playtesting and Releases

Well, people, I have been writing lots of code for about a month. Almost exactly a month, actually - the first commit was 24 March 2019. Over the past month the project has achieved a very important milestone - it is playable! Like, holy shit, its hideous and ugly, but there is a nugget of an experience here!


I have a separate post about the specifics of the Alpha 1 release coming soon, but for now I want to lay out how this game is gonna get built and how you can choose to be involved.


Except for Alpha 1, which coming from nothing had a lot thrown into it, releases are going to be focused and frequent rather than large and rare releases. In general, but specially during Alpha, doing too much at once will necessarily make each thing worse and will also make the testing-feedback-improvement iterative cycle move slower because of limited throughput on the development team. In other words, doing a whole lot of crap at once will just make everything slower since its just me doing the work.

So how often will we release? Ideally monthly, but hard to say.

Alpha Playtest

Alpha releases will be preceded by a Playtest Candidate. This build will get sent to the Alpha playtest list (sign up!) and will be key for hammering this game into shape. Playtesters can use in-game reporting functionality as well as discuss balance and design in the up-coming Discord channel. The playtest candidate should not be a bug hunt (although I am sure we will find some along the way) - the build will already be stable before I drop it on your laps.

Public Release

Once the playtest is done, we will celebrate, etc., and then share the goodness with everyone so we can get even more feedback - and hopefully 0 bug reports. (Hahahahahahahah….hahahahhah…..hah… cry)

Then we do it all over again!

The Best Game

I know most people think they are working on the best game ever, but dang #gamedev is hard! But I think we have a real shot of making Fealty the best game it can be. I am not sure of many other games that get developed this way, but I hope it is something that is exciting to you as it is to me.

With all that business out of the way, I have a few more bugs to fix and then I cannot wait to drop on you the official Alpha 1 announcement within a week or so.

Thanks for reading, and make to join the playtest list.

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