Alpha 1 Announcement

Dear people I am happy to finally reveal to you what is coming in Alpha 1 and to announce that it will be available to everyone on May 14.

alpha 1 banner It has been difficult to put this post together in a concise way because there is so much to explain about this first ever playable version of Fealty. Back when I (in hindsight, rather awkwardly) started this project in earnest  I realized that my previous efforts had produced a lot of cool things but not a game that people could play. So I am happy that we are here, and what you will soon be able to play is a “complete”, if simple and shallow, thing. But anyway, there is a lot that I have to explain about this release since its all new to you.

The playtest build is going out to the Alpha list as soon as it is done - you can still sign up until then!

Read on to learn about the features in this release.


The focus of Alpha 1 is the core of the Kingdom Game mode. You can play against one random AI dynasty in a small map. You lose the game if all of your characters die (you have three), or you lose your last settlement. You win by not losing!

Once your current game ends you will go to very simple “home” screen which will show your dynasty’s prestige, game history and character status. If all of your characters die, a new Dynasty will be randomly generated for you.

Kingdom Game

The Kingdom is made up of six settlements, four of which begin the game Neutral. (Each player begins with one of the last two, natch) Settlements are important because that’s where resources come from.



Food is grown in settlements. Food is planted throughout most of the year, and harvested in March and August. Settlement population and troops attached to characters consume food every day - so plan ahead.


Settlement markets produce Coin every day, and 10% of your Market income is collected as taxes once a month.

Characters & Actions

Each dynasty has three characters and you can use them to take control of settlements.


Characters can be outside any (friendly or not) settlement or inside a friendly settlement. You can move from one adjacent settlement to another, and from outside to inside. Having a lot of troops makes Moving take longer.


A character outside a neutral settlement can attempt to take control of it via peaceful negotiations. Annexation costs money determined by how successful your character is. If the character has a high Leadership skill, or a lot of Troops, that helps things go better.


If your character has troops and is outside an enemy controlled settlement, and there aren’t enemy characters (with troops) also outside the settlement, you can besiege the place. Settlements under siege do not plant or harvest food, and their population will not grow. A high War skill is important for sieges.


Your character will start a Battle with a target character. The loser of the battle retreats (so that you can siege them, for example). If a battle goes horribly enough, the losing character may be killed.

Note to iOS players

  • You will not be able to install the game on your iOS device unless I add your UDID to the build.  Please visit the alpha signup page for more information about getting me your UDID

Development Notes

  • The PC UI is the mobile UI scaled - forgive me for this for now
  • You can change the game speed via the collapsible drop down at the top right
  • You can tap most icons to get a tool tip, and some tool tips are context sensitive
  • The Gear button will open the options menu where you can tweak a lot of the game settings
  • Most bugs are auto-reported, but you can submit bug reports/feedback via the bug-looking button
  • Alpha 1 took a little over a month to build github commit history

Now that we have gone over the concept and our design goals, we are turning our full attention to the Kingdom Game. Next time we will talk about the Kingdom Game prototype design, and our roadmap for the near future.

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