Alpha 1.2



  • Live Mode
    • The game will now simulate the passage of time since you last played
    • This is enabled by default, but can be turned off in the Options menu
  • Characters will emote as they begin and complete actions (WIP)
  • Option to enable/disable the Advisor and the Tutorial
  • Added basic account management functionality (still using the fake local server)


  • Simulation Changes
    • The game simulates one hour of gametime per tick at a customizable rate (currently 10 seconds per tick)
    • Actions are interpolated during the 10 second interval to represent continual progress
    • You can adjust the tick interval in the options
  • Disable Sound effects by default (can be toggled in Options)
  • Tweaks to UI in many places, you can drag many of the UI elements now
  • Simplified the UI look - I think it was to distracting before, and too rich - its all temporary


  • Characters that are already moving when the game starts will be correctly placed on the map
  • Fixed numerous UI related crashes

Live mode makes a big deal. Let me know if you find any wonkiness.

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