Welcome to the first Fealty Devblog.

Initially I did not intend to write Devblogs perse, and I did not have a regular posting time. Instead I would wait for an interesting topic to pop into my head and then bash around ideas and drafts until I got something I thought was worthwhile.

What I learned was that choosing between multiple options is hard, and then in the angst of trying to pick a topic nothing would get written. In other times, I simply didn’t have a big enough topic to write about - because many small things were happening - and that was tough as well.

So moving forward I aim to post Devblogs on Mondays a few times a month to capture the more mundane going-ons with the project.

Last week was good in that I wrapped up the design scope for Alpha 2. I have document the design goals for the release here. The features for 2.0 are:

  • Portraits - make your own!
  • Families - add familiy relationships to characters, and things like heirs
  • New Player Experience - character/family creation and narrative events to set up who you are and what you are doing
  • Win Condition - change win condition to controlling a percentage of settlements and better framing for pre- and post-game sequences

I got started on the tech for the portrait system on Saturday and it is almost done. The system needed a bunch of things:

  • Storing/retrieving image files in streaming assets folder so that assets can simply be dropped in a local folder and show up in the game

  • Writing the data/serialization for the portrait data

  • Hooking up the portraits throughought game

By next week I should have some screenshots to share of the new portraits, so stay tuned.

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