is now 0.5.0, and is ready for testing!

The release candidate for 0.5.0 is now available

I might add in one or two more tutorials, but otherwise the release is feature complete.

A lot of stuff went into 0.5.0, and I’ll have a full change log soon. Here is a brief overview

  • many attempts to appease the UI gods
  • AI is back
  • tutorials
  • new settlement economy
  • settlement level 2 - unlock more building area
  • earn Prestige from the Food and Coin you have at the end of the game
  • new commands for your followers
  • simplified and more better troop system
  • your followers send reports of their actions
  • fixed so many bugs


There are some (many) instances of game text missing. These are getting fixed as I find them. Good news is that I separated the text content from the build and it is now on the cloud. The game will download the latest content on start.

Play the game! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies!

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