Release 0.5.0

0.5.0 is here - stable builds are rolling out

If you have been following along you know the game has been growing but the last two weeks have seen some real form start to emerge. Frankly, this release ended up being too big and I am not going to cover everything that has changed since 0.4.0 (aka 0.1.4) in November.

If you havent played the game since December, you should definitely check it out and…


Ways to share feedback, easiest to hardest: Theres a button IN THE GAME - first tutorial! Twitter Comment​ Email

Hope over to to get the game (link at top-left) and thanks for playing!

Enough yabber, here are the goods


  • An introduction and (the beginnings of) tutorials to let you know what’s going on
  • Real-time view of your settlement (buildings)
  • Added tool-tips for economy buttons (these are the blue ones)
  • Settlements upgrade through levels, expanding the land available to build on
    • Level 1: Manor
    • Level 2: Hamlet
      • Reach 65 population
  • Commoner class system:
    • There are three types of commoners that can come to a settlement
    • Buildings create Jobs for the different types
    • Each class has a Wealth Level, that changes depending on how you manage the settlement
    • Serfs:
      • These are your personal servants. They farm your fields and maintain the settlement. They give you what they harvest instead of paying taxes. You can decide how many you want farming, and how many are free to do what they want
    • Yeomen:
      • These are commoners that own their cottage, and do not work for you. They pay monthly rent to use a portion of your fields for themselves. You can adjust how much you charge them.
      • You can sell a Cottage to receive Coin and convert a Serf into a Yeoman
      • You can buy back Cottages from a Yeoman, but they will leave the settlement
    • Tradesmen:
      • These are commoners that live in Workshops. They pay daily taxes for the business they do. You can adjust how much you tax them.
  • Characters can die, and heirs take over the family
  • You can complete a game, review your family, and start a new game
  • New character commands to attract new commoners and make workers more efficient
  • Character badges on the map to replace the character list
  • Action reporting system & messages


  • Simplified the military unit system so units are easier to keep around in order to make characters and their troops more meaningful
  • Re-added AI
  • Lots of UI touches to make things less-ugly

Known Issues

  • You will not be able to get Coin - this is a problem with the progression flow breaking from changes, but its going to change soon anyway
  • ​The AI may not do anything - ​but its going to change soon anyway​
  • Tutorials may trigger while camera is transition between map and settlement view
  • Some values in text are wrong (Manors do not give 20 population limit, they give 8)
  • Character badges show inappropriate decorations when reused
  • Camera hitches when transition to a settlement it is currently over already

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