Today a humble but important update :) The focus here was fixing stuffs [sic] and adjusting the game flow so you can actually progress. Dig in!


  • Improved keyboard + mouse controls
    • Pan with arrow keys
    • Place buildings with mouse buttons
  • Building list in construction window now shows unavailable buildings and their requirements


  • Adjusted starting resources and building costs
  • Adjusted requirements to level a settlement:
    • Level 1: Manor
    • Level 2: Hamlet - Reach 25 Serfs
    • Level 3: Village - Reach 50 Serfs
  • Yeomen cottages and Tradesmen workshops now require Level 2
  • Tavern now requires Level 3


  • Split out the pause and game speed buttons
  • AI will now build cottages, recruit troops and act aggressively
  • Double confirmation if you try to tear down your manor
  • Added an icon to character badges to show what the character is doing
  • Added changes in Skill and Morale to the recruiting report


  • Added missing text for when a game ends
  • Calculation to show the number of days until the spring Planting season
  • Calculation to show the length a construction task will take
  • Destroy unharvested crops when Harvest season ends
  • Tutorials will not trigger while camera is transitioning
  • Number of issues with character badges not showing, showing at the wrong time, and showing the wrong decorations
  • Crashes around recovering from incompatible game data

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