In Fealty a "game" is played on a map representing one of the regions in the game. When a player has established control of the region (directly, or through allegiances) the game ends and those left standing are rewarded with Prestige.

Prestige is the running score of each family, and how the greatest are distinguised from the weakest.

Prestige can be gain in many ways: through combat and conquest, via diplomacy and securing effective treaties, or economically through production and trade agreements. Your family members will also accrue Honor from the actions they perform and that is converted into Prestige as well.

A family that does not control the map may still come out ahead in the final Prestige count.

As long as you have surviving members in your family, you can join new "games" to vie for new regions. Your family will grow and change as characters will improve, have children and develop their stories over their lifetime.

Fealty is about the story of your family as much as about each individual game they participate in.