Domesday Book


Buildings allow you to develop your settlements and increase their economic and military capabilities.


Farmers can be assigned to buildings to improve or enhance that building’s performance. The effect of workers depends on the building.


After starting construction on a new building, Workers need to be assigned to actually do the work. These workers will revert to being Farmers once construction is complete.

Tear Down

Buildings can be torn down so that something else may be built in their stead. Tearing a building down costs a fraction of the time and Coin to construct the building.

Building Descriptions


The manor is the residence of the Lord. Workers assigned to the manor represent servants of the Lord helping to make the settlement more efficient. The manor grants a bonus to most of the activities of the settlement.


Cottages provide homes for the settlement population. Workers assigned to a cottage contribute to the growth of the population of the settlement. A shortage of cottages will impair the growth of the settlement.


Markets enable the population of the settlement to trade. Workers assigned to a market produce Coin every day.


Taverns allow the recruitment of Mercenaries. Workers assigned to taverns increase the rate at which mercenaries become available. More Taverns allows for a greater number of mercenaries to be available at a time.