Domesday Book


Companies are independent units under the command of a Captain.

The role of companies are to raid enemy settlements and ward off enemies. Companies eat Food from the settlement they are in. If there is not enough Food the morale of the company will decrease.


Companies can be created by giving a character in a friendly settlement the Recruit command. The command specifies what type of unit to recruit and how many troops.

The character’s Leadership skill affets the effectiveness of recruitment.



This is the headcount of the unit - important also for ensuring you have enough Food


The average skill of troops in the unit - determines how well they fight


The spirit of the unit - determines how easily they will flee from battle


A levy is a company recruited from the Serfs in a settlement. Levies do not require Coin, but having too many may deprive you of the Farmers you need for planting and harvesting.

The Levy is a feudal service required from your Serfs, but it is only short term. Levies that are not disbanded before 45 days will cause unrest in their settlement. You can extend the term of the Levy to prevent this, but the morale of the company is negatively affected.


Mercenaries are available from Taverns, and will stick around as long as they are looked after. Mercenaries need to be paid on a regular basis. Alternatively, if the company raids a settlement and is succesful the Mercenaries will “pay themselves”

An idle company can Train to improve its effectiveness, and Reinforce to add new toops to the unit. Troops also improve in skill from participating in combat.