Domesday Book


Settlements are important because they produce the core resources of Population, Food, and Coin. Beyond the resources they produce, families gain Power and characters gain Honor for the settlements they control. Therefore controlling settlements is important for the resources they provide in the short-term, but also to maximise your family’s Prestige at the end of the game.

Taking Control

If a character Raids a settlement without someone to defend it then the settlement is taken over.

However a character comes to take control of a settlement, they then become the Lord there, on behalf of their family.

When a family controls a settlement, they can manage the population, construct buildings, create armies and collect taxes there.


Population is the most important resource because without people you won’t be able to do much else. The settlement population can be Farmers, or Workers.


Farmers are the part of your population not doing anything else. Farming is year-round work, except for Winter, with a harvest in the spring and in the late fall. You need to make sure each settlement has enough farmers available not only for planting crops throughout the year, but especially at harvest time before the planted crops will go to waste.

Farmers can be transferred to characters or assigned to buildings at any time.


Workers is the catch-all terms for the population assigned to Buildings in a settlement.

Workers cannot be transferred to characters, but can be unassigned from their building.


Settlement population growth occurs once a game day. The rate of growth is affected by the current population, cottage space available, cottage and manor workers, and unrest.


Food is consumed by the settlement population once a game day. A lack of Food can lead to Unrest problems.


Unrest is primarily affected by food supply, but it can also be affected when a settlement is under siege. A settlement that reaches 100 Unrest will kick their Lord out and open its doors.


A settlement can have a number of Buildings determined by its size. Buildings under construction require Workers to be completed. Buildings can also be torn down to make room for new construction.


Taxes are collected at the beginning of the every month. Tax revenue is calculated from the amount of trade in the settlement.