Fealty is a real-time strategy-rpg set in a world inspired by the early middle ages. You take control of a noble family and it is your task to expand your domains, manage your settlements, and muster your forces. The characters in the world are your intermediaries - they can carry out your will, and just as importantly, report on what is happening in the realm - but they are imperfect.

You must lead your family in a brutal world where problems are often solved through violence. But that is not the only way...

Putting everyone to the sword can be effective but so can soft words whispered in the right ear. The right relationships are critical for surviving and coexisting. And do not underestimate the power of coin. A city of thriving trade doesn't need its people to fight when it can pay for whatever mercenaries it needs.

Plan your strategy for neutralizing your enemies.

Choose how you develop your family members to fulfill your strategy.

Lead your family.

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Fealty is early in development with the current focus being the core real-time simulation and strategic elements.

Tech Debt Tuesday - Game Strings - Part I

Hello, my dear people. It has been almost a month since I wrote to you last and it has been a busy time. There is always a lot to do, of course, and the first casualty becomes writing.

But the good news is that lots of progress has been done in a few areas. Today I want to focus on what I was working on yesterday, which was addressing a tech debt issue with how I had implemented the handling of game strings.

When I say “game string” I am referring to the text content that players see as they play the game. The most direct way to work with game strings is to create them where you need them.


Alpha 0.1.4 Release

The first big update of Fealty is here

The last time I made a stink about a release was a little over 6 months ago and, frankly, the game was admittedly horrible. Actually, it was unplayable. But it existed.

This fact was very important (to me!) because I had just rebooted the project after learning some hard lessons. Getting back to something that was at least recognizably a game was important for my self confidence.



Hello people of the world!

I have created a page on Itch.io where I am going to put the game files. Itch has some great features to make getting the game out there easier, and I am looking forward to making use of what the platform offers as the game grows. On to the business…

I have some great news:

I Played For 15 Minutes And It Didn’t Crash


Military Companies in 1.4

First off, thank you to everyone who helped in the playtest. I cannot emphasize how much extra eyes, hands and ears matter. Thank you!

Today I want to tell you about Companies, the core military unit in Fealty, and how they fit into the grander scheme of things.


A company is a body of troops under the command of a character. A character can Recruit new company from the settlement that they are in.


A character can recruit companies of two different types:


The Release That Almost Wasn't But Now Is, After All

Hi folks! I had originally planned to do a lot of UI last week and do a devblog with some screenshots. However, finishing the gameplay for raiding settlements took longer than I expected. I have finished up implementing the raid itself, but I still have a few taks to finish around persistence and impacts from the raid outcomes. But that is not what we are going to talk about today. Today we are going to talk about 1.3.