The Release That Almost Wasn't But Now Is, After All

Hi folks! I had originally planned to do a lot of UI last week and do a devblog with some screenshots. However, finishing the gameplay for raiding settlements took longer than I expected. I have finished up implementing the raid itself, but I still have a few taks to finish around persistence and impacts from the raid outcomes. But that is not what we are going to talk about today. Today we are going to talk about 1.3.



Last week I did the following, in order:

  1. Finished the Family Tree UI
  2. Had a son IRL
  3. Opinion system
  4. Vassals
  5. Messages
  6. Companies, Raids & Garrisons

If you consider that I mostly work on this a few hours at night (these posts get worked on during lunch breaks) this is quite a bit of stuff actually. Today I want to talk briefly about each of these, and then go into how I was able to add four significant systems in a short amount of time.



Welcome back #fealtyfollowers!

It is great to be back to writing code! Last week I implemented character portraits and family heraldry. Previously, portraits were a single image and the heraldry a backing field with some predefined devices. In the new implementation, these two things are similar - they are both composite images of multiple layers; what is different between them is the layers themselves.

The images I was using in Alpha 1 were exposed to the game by adding them to a SpriteManager GameObject through the Unity interface. This was great for getting stuff done, but was not going to work when I need to add or change many sprites. I deleted that SpriteManager object (You served us well , R.I.P.) and added the oh-so-awesome Better Streaming



Welcome to the first Fealty Devblog.

Initially I did not intend to write Devblogs perse, and I did not have a regular posting time. Instead I would wait for an interesting topic to pop into my head and then bash around ideas and drafts until I got something I thought was worthwhile.


Alpha 1 Post Mortem

My overall take on Alpha 1 was that it went well until I began to outrun the design. Things got shaky as I lost some confidence on how to proceed. This first version has enabled me to validate some design questions, iterate on the core gameplay, and improve parts of the workflow for how this game is going to actually get done.

Here are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.